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Can I get an MRI scan privately?

MRI Scans are available through the NHS, but you will have to be referred after an initial consultation with your GP or health specialist. There is often a waiting list for scans that are not considered to be emergency requirements. Because of this many people choose to have their scans performed privately. The obvious advantage of this is that you will be able to arrange a scan much more quickly. Patients who are worried about their conditions will gain peace of mind by getting their results much more quickly than having to wait for their turn in the NHS system. However, private scans often prove to be quite an expensive investment because the patient is paying for the both the scanner, which is an expensive machine to run, as well as the radiographer's time and expertise.

How much does it cost to get an MRI Scan done privately?

The cost of having a scan done privately is dependent on where in the country you are looking to have the scan performed as well as which part of your body you are looking to have scanned. Different clinics will charge vastly differing rates for MRI Scans so it may be worth investigating your available options. For example, a Harley Street clinic in London, whilst providing an excellent quality of treatment and patient care, may prove to be a lot more expensive than in clinics elsewhere in the country. If you are looking for an abdominal, brain or general body scan (of bones and joints etc) you can expect to pay between £200-£300 in many UK clinics. However, more complicated scans such as heart scans will cost considerably more and patients can expect to pay up to £415 for this type of procedure and in some clinics this will cost even more.

Is it worth going abroad to have my MRI Scan performed?

Many UK patients seeking a private MRI Scan are choosing to go abroad where prices of MRI Scans are highly competitive. European countries such as Norway and Germany have excellent clinics offering MRI Scans and diagnostic testing at extremely competitive prices. With low cost air travel so accessible across the UK many patients are saving money by going abroad for their testing. As with any medical procedure it is worth spending time doing research on the best options available to you. Even though an MRI Scan is a completely painless and safe procedure it is always best to feel as happy and relaxed as you possibly can be.

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